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April 28, 2023
Spring is Here!

Seems almost a shame to mow.


February 2 - 10, 2023
South Florida Folk Festival
and Subsequent Florida Vacation

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I had often heard good things about the South Florida Folk Festival. It's a pretty major event on the southeast folk circuit in the Miami / Ft. Lauderdale area, run by the Broward County Folk Club. I had made two previous trips down to the Gulf Coast of Florida to play a few house concerts, and I had been hoping to expand my presence in the area.I had made a few tentative inquiries in early 2020, and was told they were not accepting any unsolicited inquiries. Then COVID hit.

So back in August of 2022, when the country was tentatively poking its head out from under the covers, and discovering the world had not utterly collapsed, I started sending out some inquiries for another house concert mini-tour in Florida. And while I was at it, I figured why not give the SFFF another shot? There was a new booking person in charge, so I fired off an inquriry and an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) to her. And wonder of wonders, the following day I received an email from her saying "I'd be a great addition to the 2023 Festival, February 4-5." Well, twist my arm!

On one of my previous house concert Florida trips, I had extended my stay after the gigs, and Jenny flew down from Vermont to join me for a few days of vacation. (See my Blog entry of January 22 - 27, 2020.) So I called her up and asked if she wanted to do that again. Florida in February sounded more inviting than Vermont in February, so she agreed. Click here for the story.

January 2, 2023
Words of Wisdom for the New Year

"Never underestimate the power of a heartfelt apology."

Offered by a man who has been known from time to time to unwittingly insert his foot into his mouth, or otherwise, through inattention or misunderstanding, act like a jerk.

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